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Are you feeling overwhelmed
by your child's anxiety?

What if there was an evidenced-based way to help your child overcome their worries and decrease your stress?

I’ve helped exhausted and frustrated parents, like you, with 

SPACE Treatment

of this sound familiar?

Your child has trouble sleeping alone - they crawl into your bed at night, expect you to sleep in their room, or won’t fall asleep without elaborate bedtime routines

Your child is texting or calling you multiple times, when you are out, frequently asking you when you’ll return or you’re avoiding going out because you know your child will be worried

Your child has a hard time going to new places, especially if they don’t know anyone or what’s going to happen when they get there

Your child is constantly asking you for reassurance or for special items to help with their anxiety

Your child follows you around the house, asks you to go with them when they need to leave a room, or you’re shouting out “I’m just going upstairs, I’ll be right back!”

Your child has difficulty saying goodbye at school drop off and struggles to attend after school activities without your presence

Your child has a meltdown if things do not go “perfectly” and they check things over and over to ensure they didn’t make a mistake

You’re committed to making necessary changes to end the anxiety cycle that you and your child are stuck in!

Learn more about SPACE -
Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions:


A clinically proven parent-based approach to treat childhood Anxiety and OCD

Do you want to help your anxious child?
Through this step by step process, you'll learn:



The basics of anxiety and the anxiety cycle


How parents become a part of the anxiety cycle


What to say when your child is scared


How to make necessary changes

Want to get started?

Book a free 15-minute phone consultation

What have other parents, who completed SPACE treatment, said?

I have gotten time and sleep back!

They’re having less meltdowns!

My child is going to school with a smile on their face!

Mother and Daughter

We have more peaceful family time!

They seem more confident!

They're doing things that I thought they'd never do!

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